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Ta Petro

TruckSmart? Mobile App

TruckSmart Works for You!

The newly enhanced TruckSmart app is designed to make life on the road easier. Search for TA, Petro and TA Express locations based on your needs - food, truck services, parking and so much more. Reserve and pay for showers and parking right from the app. TruckSmart gives real-time location updates, including weather and construction updates, so you can arrive at our locations with confidence knowing you'll get the services you need. You can contact RoadSquad emergency breakdown service from right from the app.

TruckSmart gives you the information and access you want when you want it.

Download TruckSmart today!

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Showers icon


Use the TruckSmart app to book your next shower instantly. UltraONE members can pay with Points, UltraCredits* or Credit Card.

parking icon


Use the TruckSmart app to reserve your next parking space up to a month in advance. UltraONE members can pay with Points, UltraCredits* or Credit Card.

Shop icon


Use the TruckSmart app to setup your next work order with TA Truck Service up to 24-hours in advance. Get in the queue today to save time tomorrow!

Sites icon


Use the TruckSmart app to search for a TA, TA Express or Petro location by highway you’re driving or amenity you need. Save time later by planning ahead now!

UltraONE  icon


Use the TruckSmart app manage and update your UltraONE account. Check your Points balance, UltraCredit balance and more, right from your smartphone.

RoadSquad icon


Use the TruckSmart app to get the help you need, when you need it. Shorten your downtime by calling RoadSquad directly from the TruckSmart app.

*UltraONE members in Gear 4/MAX Gear can redeem UltraCredits for a meal up to $14, shower or reserved parking. Learn more at TA-Petro.com/UltraONE.

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